Genesis 46

Chapter 46

46:3  And he said, I am God, the God of thy father: fear not to go down into Egypt; for I will there make of thee a great nation:

I am God

It is important to distinguish between the directive and the permissive will of God. In the first sense the place for the covenant family was Canaan Genesis 26:1-5 ; Genesis 46:3 is a touching instance of the permissive will of God. Jacob's family, broken, and in part already in Egypt, the tenderness of Jehovah would not forbid the aged patriarch to follow. God will take up His people and, so far as possible, bless them, even when they are out of His best. In Israel's choice of a king 1 Samuel 8:7-9 in the turning back from Kadesh Deuteronomy 1:19-22 in the sending of the spies; in the case of Balaam--illustrations of this principle are seen. It is needless to say that God's permissive will never extends to things morally wrong. The highest blessing is ever found in obedience to His directive will.

46:26  All the souls that came with Jacob into Egypt, which came out of his loins, besides Jacob's sons' wives, all the souls were threescore and six;

All the souls

(Cf) Genesis 46:27 . A discrepancy has been imagined. The "souls" that came with Jacob" were 66. The "souls of the house of Jacob" Genesis 46:27 i.e. the entire Jacobean family) were 70, viz. the 66 which came with Jacob, Joseph and his two sons, already in Egypt=69; Jacob himself=70. (See Scofield "Acts 7:14") .