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Book Introduction - John

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WRITER: The fourth Gospel was written by the Apostle John John 21:24 . This has been questioned on critical grounds, but on the same grounds and with equal scholarship, the early date and Johanean authorship have been maintained.

DATE: The date of John's Gospel falls between A.D. 85 and 90. Probably the latter.

THEME: This is indicated both in the Prologue ( 1:1-14 ), and in the last verse of the Gospel proper ( 20:31 ), and is: The incarnation of the eternal Word, and Son of life; (2) that as many as believe on Him as "the Christ, the Son of God" ( 20:31 ) may have eternal life. The prominent words are, "believed" and "life."

The book is in seven natural divisions:

  1. Prologue: The eternal Word incarnate in Jesus the Christ, 1:1-14.
  2. The witness of John the Baptist, 1:15-34.
  3. The public ministry of Christ, 1:35-12:50.
  4. The private ministry of Christ to His own, 13:1-17:26.
  5. The sacrifice of Christ, 18:1-19:42.
  6. The manifestation of Christ in resurrection, 20:1-31.
  7. Epilogue: Christ the Master of life and service, 21:1-25.

The events recorded in this book cover a period of 7 years.