Proverbs - Introduction

Book Introduction - Proverbs

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This collection of sententious sayings is divine wisdom applied to the earthly conditions of the people of God. That the Proverbs were Solomon's ( Proverbs 1:1 ) implies no more than that he gathered into orderly arrangement sayings already current amongst the people, the wisdom of the Spirit, perhaps through many centuries ( Ecclesiastes 12:9 ). Chapters 25-29 were current in Hezekiah's time ( Ecclesiastes 25:1 ). Chapters 30 and 31 are by Agur and Lemuel.

The book is in six parts:

  1. To sons, 1-7.
  2. The praise of wisdom, 8-9.
  3. The folly of sin, 10-19.
  4. Warnings and instructions, 20-29.
  5. The words of Agur, 30. The words of King Lemuel, 31.