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Revelation - Introduction

Read first chapter of Revelation

WRITER: The Apostle John ( 1:1 )

DATE: A.D. 96

THEME: The theme of the Revelation is Jesus Christ ( 1:1 ), presented in a threefold way:

But while Christ is thus the central theme of the book, all of the events move toward one consummation, the bringing in of the covenanted kingdom. The key-phrase is the prophetic declaration of the "great voices in heaven" ( Revelation 11:15 ), lit, "The world kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ has come." The book is, therefore, a prophecy ( Revelation 1:3 ).

The three major divisions of Revelation must be clearly held if the interpretation is to be sane and coherent. John was commanded to "write" concerning three classes of "things" ( Revelation 1:19 ):

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