Second Withdrawal from Herod's Territory.

a MATT. 15:21; b MARK 7:24.

      b 24 And from thence a Jesus b arose, and went a out b away a and withdrew into the parts {b borders} of Tyre and Sidon. [The journey here is indicated in marked terms because it differs from any previously recorded, for it was the first time that Jesus ever entered a foreign or heathen country. Some commentators contend from the use of the word "borders" by Mark that Jesus did not cross over the boundary, but the point is not well taken, for Mark 7:31 shows that the journey led through Sidon. For the location of Tyre and Sidon, see Section 45. Jesus withdrew to escape the opposition of his enemies and the mistaken movements of his friends. As he was not on a missionary tour, it was perfectly proper for him to enter heathen territory.]