Psalm 102:23



Verse 23. He weakened my strength in the way. Here the Psalmist comes down again to the mournful string, and pours forth his personal complaint. His sorrow had cast down his spirit, and even caused weakness in his bodily frame, so that he was like a pilgrim who limped along the road, and was ready to lie down and die.

He shortened my days. Though he had bright hopes for Jerusalem, he feared that he should have departed this life long before those visions had become realities; he felt that he was pining away and would be a shortlived man. Perhaps this may be our lot, and it will materially help us to be content with it, if we are persuaded that the grandest of all interests is safe, and the good old cause secure in the hands of the Lord.



Verse 23. For the sick.

  1. Submission -- The Lord sent the trial -- "He weakeneth," etc.
  2. Service -- exonerated from some work, he now requires of me patience, earnestness, etc.
  3. Preparation -- for going home.
  4. Prayer -- for others to occupy my place.
  5. Expectation -- I shall soon be in heaven, now that my days are shortened.