Psalm 106:44



Verse 44. Nevertheless he regarded their affliction, when he heard their cry. Notwithstanding all these provoking rebellions and detestable enormities the Lord still heard their prayer and pitied them. This is very wonderful, very godlike. One would have thought that the Lord would have shut out their prayer, seeing they had shut their ears against his admonitions; but no, he had a father's heart, and a sight of their sorrows touched his soul, the sound of their cries overcame his heart, and he looked upon them with compassion. His fiercest wrath towards his own people is only a temporary flame, but his love burns on for ever like the light of his own immortality.



Verse 44-45. Sin in God's people.

  1. Is very provoking to God.
  2. Ensures chastisement.
  3. Is to be sincerely mourned -- "their cry."
  4. Will be graciously forgiven, and its effect removed. So the covenant promises.