Psalm 109:18



Verse 18-19. He was so openly in the habit of wishing ill to others that he seemed to wear robes of cursing, therefore let it be as his raiment girded and belted about him, yea, let it enter as water into his bowels, and search the very marrow of his bones like a penetrating oil. It is but common justice that he should receive a return for his malice, and receive it in kind, too.



Verse 18. The three figures in this verse are climatic: he has clothed himself in cursing, he has drunk it in like water ( Job 15:16 Job 34:7 ), it has penetrated to the marrow of his bones, like the oily preparations which are rubbed in and penetrate to the bones. --Franz Delitzsch.

Verse 18. We must not pass this verse without remarking that there is an allusion in its tone to Numbers 5:21-22 Numbers 5:24 the unfaithful wife. Her curse was to penetrate into her bowels; "the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her"; and such a curse comes on unfaithful Judas, who violates his engagement to the Lord, and upon Israel at large also, who have departed from him "as a wife treacherously departeth from her husband", and have committed adultery against the Bridegroom. --Andrew A. Bonar.

Verse 18-19. Peter, in Acts 1:20 , applies this psalm to Christ when the Jews cried, "His blood be upon us and upon our children"; then did they put on the envenomed garment which has tormented them ever since. It is girded about their loins; the curse has penetrated like water, and entered the very bones like oil. How awful will be the state of those who crucify him afresh, and again put him to open shame. --Samuel Horsley.