Psalm 116:17



Verse 17. I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving. Being thy servant, I am bound to sacrifice to thee, and having received spiritual blessings at thy hands I will not bring bullock or goat, but I will bring that which is more suitable, namely, the thanksgiving of my heart. My inmost soul shall adore thee in gratitude.

And will call upon the name of the Lord, that is to say, I will bow before thee reverently, lift up my heart in love to thee, think upon thy character, and adore thee as thou dost reveal thyself. He is fond of this occupation, and several times in this Psalm declares that "he will call upon the name of the Lord," while at the same time he rejoices that he had done so many a time before. Good feelings and actions bear repeating: the more of hearty callings upon God the better.



Verse 17. The sacrifice of thanksgiving.

"When all the heart is pure, each warm desire
Sublimed by holy love's ethereal fire.
On winged words our breathing thoughts may rise,
And soar to heaven, a grateful sacrifice." James Scott.



Verse 17. This is due to our God, good for ourselves, and encouraging to others.

Verse 17. The sacrifice of thanksgiving.

  1. How it may be rendered. In secret love, in conversation, in sacred song, in public testimony, in special gifts and works.
  2. Why we should render it. For answered prayers ( Psalms 116:1-2 ), memorable deliverances ( Psalms 116:3 ), choice preservation ( Psalms 116:6 ); remarkable restoration ( Psalms 116:7-8 ), and for the fact of our being his servants ( Psalms 116:16 ).
  3. When should we render it. Now, while the mercy is on the memory, and as often as fresh mercies come to us.