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Psalm 119:25


In this his dead condition, faith in God's word kept him alive. When we have least feeling, and there is nothing left us, the word will support us: "And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb: he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith, giving glory to God" ( Romans 4:19-20 ). One way to get comfort is to plead the promise of God in prayer, Chirographa tua injiciebat tibi Domine, show him his handwriting; God is tender of his word. These arguments in prayer, are not to work upon God, but ourselves. Thomas Manton

Verse 25. One does not wonder at the fluctuations which occur in the feelings and experience of a child of God -- at one time high on the mountain, near to God and communing with God, at another in the deep and dark valley. All, more or less, know these changes, and have their sorrowing as well as their rejoicing seasons. When we parted with David last, what was he telling us of his experience? that God's testimonies were his delight and his counsellors; but now what a different strain! all joy is darkened, and his soul cleaveth to the dust. And there must have been seasons of deep depression and despondency in the heart of David -- given as a fugitive and wanderer from his home, hunted as a partridge upon the mountains, and holding, as he himself says, his life continually in his hands. Yet I think in this portion of the Psalm there is evidence of a deeper abasement and sorrow of heart than any mere worldly suffering could produce. He had indeed said, "I shall one day perish by the hand of Saul"; but, even in that moment of weak and murmuring faith, he knew that he was God's anointed one to sit on the throne of Israel. But, here there is indication of sin, of grievous sin which had laid his soul low in the dust; and I think the petition in Psalms 119:29 gives us some clue to what that sin had been: "Remove me from the way of lying." Had David -- you may well ask in wonder -- had David ever lied? had he ever deviated from the strait and honourable path of truth I am afraid we must own that he had at one time gone so near the confines of a falsehood, that he would be but a poor casuist and a worse moralist who should attempt to defend the Psalmist from the imputation. We cannot read the 27th chapter of the 1st of Samuel without owning into what a sad tissue of equivocation and deceit David was unhappily seduced. Well might his soul cleave to the dust as he reviewed that period of his career; and though grace did for him what it afterwards did for Peter, and he was plucked as a brand out of the burning, yet one can well imagine that like the Apostle afterwards, when he thought thereon he wept, and that bitterly. Barton Bouchier.



Outlines Upon Keywords of the Psalm, By Pastor C. A. Davis.

Verse 25-32. -- Quickening. Prayed for with confession ( Psalms 119:25-26 ). When obtained shall be talked of ( Psalms 119:27 ). Desired for the sake of strength ( Psalms 119:28 ), of truthfulness ( Psalms 119:29-31 ), and of activity ( Psalms 119:32 ).



Verse 25. --

Verse 25. -- Quicken thou me, etc.

(b) The influence of vanity (see Psalms 119:37 ).

(c) Because we are surrounded by deceivers (see Psalms 119:87-88 ).

(d) Because of the effect of seasons of affliction upon us (see Psalms 119:7 ).

(d) In order to obedience (see Psalms 119:88 ).

(e) For your comfort ( Psalms 119:107 Psalms 119:50 ).

(f) As the best security against the attacks of enemies ( Psalms 119:87-88 ).

(g) To invigorate our memories ( Psalms 119:93 ).

(b) By the turning of the eyes ( Psalms 119:37 ).

(c) By the word ( Psalms 119:50 ).

(d) By the precepts ( Psalms 119:93 ).

(e) By affliction ( Psalms 119:107 ).

(b) Our earnest desire ( Psalms 119:40 ).

(c) Appeal to God's righteousness ( Psalms 119:40 ).

(d) To his lovingkindness ( Psalms 119:88 Psalms 119:149 Psalms 119:156 ).

(e) The plea in the text: "according to thy word" ( Psalms 119:28 Psalms 119:107 ). See "Spurgeon's Sermons," No. 1350: "Enlivening and Invigorating."

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