Psalm 119:95



Verse 95. The wicked have waited for me to destroy me: but I will consider thy testimonies. They were like wild beasts crouching by the way, or highway men waylaying a defenceless traveller; but the Psalmist went on his way without considering them, for he was considering something better, namely, the witness or testimony which God has borne to the sons of men. He did not allow the malice of the wicked to take him off from his holy study of the divine word. He was so calm that he could "consider"; so holy that he loved to consider the Lord's "testimonies"; so victorious over all their plots that he did not allow them to drive him from his pious contemplations. If the enemy cannot cause us to withdraw our thoughts from holy study, or our feet from holy walking, or our hearts from holy aspirations, lie has met with poor success in his assaults. The wicked are the natural enemies of holy men and holy thoughts; if they could, they would not only damage us but destroy us, and if they cannot do this today they will wait for further opportunities, ever hoping that their evil designs may be compassed. They ave waited hitherto in vain, and they will have to wait much longer yet; for if we are so unmoved that we do not even give them a thought their hope of destroying us must be a very poor one.

Note the double waiting, -- the patience of the wicked who watch long and carefully for an opportunity to destroy the godly, and then the patience of the saint who will not quit his meditations, even to quiet his foes. See how the serpent's seed lie in wait as an adder that biteth at the horse's heels; but see how the chosen of the Lord live above their venom, and take no more notice of them than if they had no existence.



Verse 95. -- The wicked have waited for me to destroy me. Two things again he notes in his enemies; diligence, in waiting all occasions whereby to do him evil; and cruelty without mercy, for their purpose was to destroy him: wherein, still we see how restless and insatiable is the malice of the wicked against the godly. Daniel's preservation in the lions' den was a great miracle; but it is no less a marvellous work of God, that the godly who are the flock of Christ, are daily preserved in the midst of the wicked, who are but ravening wolves, and thirst for the blood of the saints of God, having a cruel purpose in their heart if they might perform it, utterly to destroy them. --William Cowper.

Verse 95. -- But I will consider thy testimonies. It was a grievous temptation to be sought for to be given up to slaughter, but a greater mercy to consider God's testimonies, even then when his life was sought for. Had it not been for the consideration of God's testimonies, a thousand to one he had fallen away. --Richard Greenham.



Verse 95. -- Wicked men patient in carrying out their evil designs. Good men patient in considering the ways of the Lord.

Verse 95. -- The hatred of the wicked towards the righteous.

  1. Show that it ever has been, and still is.
(a) Select Scriptural instances, beginning with Abel.
(b) Notice the persecutions of the church.
(c) Treatment in the workshop.
(d) Often in the home.
(e) The contemptuous manner the "saints" are spoken of,

  1. Enquire as to why it is so.
(a) The enmity of the carnal heart to God.
(b) The jealousy excited by the Christian's assurance of
eternal blessedness.
(c) The consciousness of being rebuked by a holy life.
(d) Excited to it by Satan.
(e) The restless mischievousness of sin which, if it cannot
hinder holiness, will maliciously hurt its advocates.

  1. Direct how to act when exposed to it: "I will consider thy testimonies." That means --
    1. Be the more obedient to God.
(b) Have the more watchful control over words and feelings.
(c) Love your enemies.
(d) Pray for those who hate you.
(e) Do good to them on every opportunity.
(f) Be thankful that you are among the hated and not the
(g) Especially consider the holy testimony of Christ's
forbearing patience. --J.F.

Verse 95. -- Waiting counter wrought by waiting.

  1. Temptations in ambush.
  2. The saint with his Lord.


Verse 95. -- Immunity.

  1. I am in danger.
  2. I will attend to my duty.
  3. I will trust thee to deliver me. --C.A.D.