Psalm 135:21



Verse 21. The conclusion, Psalms 135:21 , alludes to the conclusion of the preceding Psalm. There, the Lord blesses thee out of Zion; here, let him be blessed out of Zion. The praise proceeds from the same place from which the blessing issues. For Zion is the place where the community dwells with God. --E. W. Hengstenberg.

Verse 21. Praise ye the LORD. When the song of praise is sung unto God, the work of his praise is not ended, but must be continued, renewed, and followed still: "Praise ye the LORD." --David Dickson.

Verse 21. Bless, Praise. We are not only to bless God, but to praise him: "All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee." Blessing relateth to his benefits, praise to his excellencies. We bless him for what he is to us, we praise him for what he is in himself. Now, whether we bless him, or praise him; it is still to increase our love to him, and delight in him; for God is not affected with the flattery of empty praises; yet this is an especial duty, which is of use to you, as all other duties are. It doth you good to consider him as an infinite and eternal Being, and of glorious and incomprehensible majesty. It is pleasant and profitable to us. --Thomas Manton.



Verse 21.

  1. The double fact.
    1. Blessing perpetually ascending from Zion to God.

b) God perpetually blessing his people by dwelling with them in Zion.

  1. The double reason for praise, which is found in the double fact, and concerns every member of the church.