Psalm 140:12



Verse 12. I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and, the right of the poor. All through the Psalm the writer is bravely confident, and speaks of things about which he had no doubt: in fact, no Psalm can be more grandly positive than this protest against slander. The slandered saint knew Jehovah's care for the afflicted, for lie had received actual proofs of it himself. "I will maintain it" is the motto of the great Defender of the rights of the needy. What confidence this should create within the bosoms of the persecuted and poverty stricken! The prosperous and wealthy can maintain their own cause, but those who are otherwise shall find that God helps those who cannot help themselves. Many talk as if the poor had no rights worth noticing, but they will sooner or later find out their mistake when the Judge of all the earth begins to plead with them.



Verse 12. I know. For I have a promise of it, and that's infallible. --John Trapp.

Verse 12-13. I know that the Lord will maintain the cause, etc. Why, how comes the Psalmist so confident? "Surely the righteous shall give thanks unto thy name": as if he had said, Thou hast a name for a gracious and faithful God in thy promise, and this thou wilt never suffer to be blotted by failing in thy work. Christian, thou mayest venture all thou art worth on the public faith of Heaven: "His words are pure, as silver tried seven times in a furnace." He that will not suffer a liar or covenant breaker to set foot on his holy hill, will much less suffer any one thought of falseness or unfaithfulness to enter into his own most holy heart. --William Gurnall.



Verse 12.

  1. The known fact.
  2. The reasons for being so assured of it.
  3. The conduct arising out of the knowledge.

Verse 12. Something worth knowing.

  1. By the afflicted and the poor who trust in the Lord.
  2. By the oppressors who afflict and do the wrong.
  3. By all men, that they may trust in the Lord, and praise him for his compassion towards the needy, and for his even handed justice. --J. F.

Verse 12-13.

  1. Trust under all circumstances ( Psalms 140:12 ).

  1. Gratitude for all things: "The righteous shall give thanks unto thy name."
  2. Safety at all times: "The upright shall dwell in thy presence." --G. R.