Psalm 16:1


Michtam of David. Under the title of "The Golden Psalm," Mr. Canon Dale has published a small volume, which is valuable as a series of good simple discourses, but ought hardly to have been styled "an exposition." We have thought it right to give the headings of the chapters into which his volume is divided, for there is much showiness, and may be some solidity in the suggestions.

Verse 1. The seeking of the gold. The believer conscious of danger, trusting in God only for deliverance.

Verse 2-3. The possessing of the gold. The believer looking for justification to the righteousness of God alone, while maintaining personal holiness by companionship with the saints.

Verse 4-5. The testing of the gold. The believer finding his present portion, and expecting his eternal inheritance in the Lord.

Verse 6. The prizing or valuing of the gold. The believer congratulating himself on the pleasantness of his dwelling and the goodness of his heritage.

Verse 7-8. The occupying of the gold. The believer seeking instruction from the counsels of the Lord by night, and realising his promise by day.

Verse 9-10. The summing or reckoning of the gold. The believer rejoicing and praising God for the promise of a rest in hope and resurrection into glory.

Verse 1. The perfecting of the gold. The believer realising at God's right hand the fulness of joy and the pleasures for evermore.

Upon this suggestive Psalm we offer the following few hints out of many --

Verse 1. The prayer and the plea. The preserver and the truster. The dangers of the saints and the place of their confidence.


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