Psalm 27:14



Verse 14. Wait on the Lord. Wait at his door with prayer; wait at his foot with humility; wait at his table with service; wait at his window with expectancy. Suitors often win nothing but the cold shoulder from earthly patrons after long and obsequious waiting; he speeds best whose patron is in the skies. Be of good courage. A soldier's motto. Be it mine. Courage we shall need, and for the exercise of it we have as much reason as necessity, if we are soldiers of King Jesus. And he shall strengthen thine heart. He can lay the plaister right upon the weak place. Let the heart be strengthened, and the whole machine of humanity is filled with power; a strong heart makes a strong arm. What strength is this which God himself gives to the heart? Read the "Book of Martyrs," and see its glorious deeds of prowess; go to God rather, and get such power thyself. Wait, I say, on the Lord. David, in the words "I say," sets his own private seal to the word which, as an inspired man, he had been moved to write. It is his testimony as well as the command of God, and indeed he who writes these scanty notes has himself found it so sweet, so reviving, so profitable to draw near to God, that on his own account he also feels bound to write, "Wait, I SAY, on the Lord."



Verse 14. Wait on the Lord, be of good courage. Be comfortable, hold fast (as the Greek hath), be manly, or quit thee as a man; which word the apostle useth. 1 Corinthians 16:13 . These are the words of encouragement against remissness, fear, faintness of heart, or other infirmities. Henry Ainsworth.

Verse 14. Wait on the Lord, be of good courage.

Stand but your ground, your ghostly foes will fly --
Hell trembles at a heaven directed eye;
Choose rather to defend than to assail --
Self confidence will in the conflict fail:
When you are challenged you may dangers meet --
True courage is a fixed, not sudden heat;
Is always humble, lives in self distrust,
And will itself into no danger thrust.
Devote yourself to God, and you will find
God fights the battles of a will resigned.
Love Jesus! love will no base fear endure --
Love Jesus! and of conquest rest secure. Thomas Ken (Bishop), 1637-1710-11.

Verse 14. Think not the government is out of Christ's hand, when men are doing many sad things, and giving many heavy blows to the work of God. No, no; men are but his hand; and it is the hand of God that justly and righteously is lying heavy upon his people. Look above men, then; you have not to do with them: there is a turn of matters, just as he is pleased to turn his hand. Ralph Erskine, 1685-1752.



Verse 14. The believer's position, "wait;" his condition, "good courage;" his support, "he shall," etc.; his perseverance, "wait" repeated a second time; his reward.