Psalm 3:4



Verse 4. I cried unto the Lord with my voice. Why doth he say, "with my voice?" Surely, silent prayers are heard. Yes, but good men often find that, even in secret, they pray better aloud than they do when they utter no vocal sound. Perhaps, moreover, David would think thus: -- "My cruel enemies clamour against me; they lift up their voices, and, behold, I lift up mine, and my cry out soars them all". They clamour, but the cry of my voice in great distress pierces the very skies, and is louder and stronger than all their tumult; for there is one in the sanctuary who harkens to me from the seventh heaven, and he hath, heard me out of his holy hill. Answers to prayers are sweet cordials for the soul. We need not fear a frowning world while we rejoice in a prayer hearing God.

Here stands another Selah. Rest awhile, O tried believer, and change the strain to a softer air.



Verse 2,4,8. Selah. (hlv) See Psalms on "Psalms 2:2" for further information.

Verse 4. When prayer leads the van, in due time deliverance brings up the rear. Thomas Watson.

Verse 4. He heard me. I have often heard persons say in prayer, "Thou art a prayer hearing and a prayer answering God," but the expression contains a superfluity, since for God to hear is, according to Scripture, the same thing as to answer. C.H.S.



Verse 4.

  1. In dangers we should pray.
  2. God will graciously hear.
  3. We should record his answers of grace.
  4. We may strengthen ourselves for the future by remembering the deliverances of the past.