Psalm 35:25



Verse 25. Let them not say in their hearts, Ah, so would we have it: let them not say, We have swallowed him up. Disappoint them of their prey when their mouths are ready to swallow it. Saints are too dear a morsel for the powers of evil; God will not give his sheep over to the wolfish jaws of persecutors. Just when they are tuning their pipes to celebrate their victory, they shall be made to laugh on the other side of their mouths. They are all too sure, and too boastful; they reckon without their host: little do they dream of the end which will be put to their scheming. Their bird shall be flown, and they themselves shall be in the trap. The prayer of this text is a promise. Even before the lips of the wicked can frame a speech of exultation, they shall be disappointed; their heart speech shall be forestalled, their wishes frustrated, their knavish tricks exposed.



Verse 25. Let them not say we have swallowed him up. And even if they could, like Jonah's whale, they would soon be sickened of their feast. A living child of God were more easily swallowed than digested by the malice of hell. C. H. S.



Verse 25. The ungodly man's delight, and the righteous, man's refuge.