Psalm 50:17



Verse 17. Seeing thou hatest instruction. Profane professors are often too wise to learn, too besotted with conceit to be taught of God. What a monstrosity that men should declare those statutes which with their hearts they do not know, and which in their lives they openly disavow! Woe unto the men who hate the instruction which they take upon themselves to give. And castest my words behind thee. Despising them, throwing them away as worthless, putting them out of sight as obnoxious. Many boasters of the law did this practically; and in these last days there are pickers and choosers of God's words who cannot endure the practical part of Scripture; they are disgusted at duty, they abhor responsibility, they disembowel texts of their plain meanings, they wrest the Scriptures to their own destruction. It is an ill sign when a man dares not look a Scripture in the face, and an evidence of brazen impudence when he tries to make it mean something less condemnatory of his sins, and endeavours to prove it to be less sweeping in its demands. How powerful is the argument that such men have no right to take the covenant of God into their mouths, seeing that its spirit does not regulate their lives!



Verse 17. And castest my words behind thee. Thou castest away contemptuously, with disgust and detestation, as idols are cast out of a city; or as Moses indignantly dashed to the earth the tables of the law. Martin Geier.

Verse 17. My words: apparently the ten commandments, accustomed to be called the ten words, by which God is often said to have made his covenant with Israel. Hermann Venema.



Verse 16-17.

  1. The prohibition given.
    1. The prohibited things -- "declare my statutes." "Take my covenant," etc.
      1. Preaching.
      2. Teaching, as in Sunday schools.
      3. Praying.
      4. Attending ordinances.
  2. Prohibited persons. Wicked preachers, etc., while they continue in wickedness.
  3. The reason assigned; Ps 50:
    1. No self application of the truth.
    2. Inward hatred of it.
    3. Outward rejection. G. R.

Verse 17.

  1. The fatal sign.
  2. Hating to be taught.
  3. Hating what is taught.
  4. What it indicates.
    1. Pride.
    2. Contempt of God.
    3. Indifference to truth.
    4. Atheism at heart.
    5. Deadness of conscience.
  5. What it leads to. See Psalms 50:22 .

Verse 17-18. Rejection of salutary instruction leads sooner or later to open transgression. Instances, reasons, inferential warnings.