Psalm 51:19



Verse 19. In those days of joyful prosperity thy saints shall present in great abundance the richest and holiest thank offerings to thee, and thou shalt be pleased to accept them. A saved soul expects to see its prayers answered in a revived church, and then is assured that God will be greatly glorified. Though we bring no more sacrifices for sin, yet as priests unto God our solemn praises and votive gifts are thank offerings acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. We bring not the Lord our least things -- our doves and pigeons; but we present him with our best possessions -- our bullocks. We are glad that in this present time we are able to fulfil in person the declaration of this verse: we also, forecasting the future, wait for days of the divine presence, when the church of God, with unspeakable joy, shall offer gifts upon the altar of God, which will far eclipse anything beheld in these less enthusiastic days. Hasten it, O Lord.



Verse 18-19. See Psalms on "Psalms 51:18" for further information.



Verse 19.

  1. When we are accepted of God our offerings are accepted. "Then," etc.
  2. We should then make the richest offerings in our power, our time, talents, influence, etc.
    1. Holy obedience.
    2. Self sacrifices, not half offerings, but whole "burnt offerings;" not lambs merely, but "bullocks."
    3. Zeal for divine ordinances. "Upon thine altar."
  3. God will take pleasure in such services. "Then shalt thou be pleased."
    1. Because from his own redeemed.
    2. Because given in the name of the Redeemer. With such sacrifices God is well pleased.