Psalm 53:6



Verse 6. Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion. Would God the final battle were well over. When will the Lord avenge his own elect? When will the long oppression of the saints come to its close, and glory crown their heads? The word salvation is in the plural, to show its greatness.

When God bringeth back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad. Inasmuch as the yoke has been heavy, and the bondage cruel, the liberty will be happy, and the triumph joyous. The second advent and the restoration of Israel are our hope and expectation. We have attempted to throw into rhyme the last two verses of this Psalm:

The foes of Zion quake for fright.

Where no fear was they quail;

For well they know that sword of might

Which cuts through coats of mail.
The Lord of old defiled their shields,

And all their spears he scorned;

Their bones lay scattered over the fields,

Unburied and unmourned.

Let Zion's foes be filled with shame;

Her sons are blessed of God;

Though scoffers now despise their name,

The Lord shall break the rod.

Oh! would our God to Zion turn,

God with salvation clad;

Then Judah's harps should music learn,

And Israel be glad.






Verse 6.

  1. There is salvation for Israel.
  2. That salvation is in Zion.
  3. Their salvation remains there when they are banished
    from it.
  4. Their joy becomes greater when they return. G. R.