Psalm 57:10



Verse 10. For thy mercy is great unto the heavens. Right up from man's lowliness to heaven's loftiness mercy reaches. Imagination fails to guess the height of heaven, and even thus the riches of mercy exceed our highest thoughts. The psalmist, as he sits at the cave's mouth and looks up to the firmament, rejoices that God's goodness is more vast and more sublime than even the vaulted skies.

And thy truth unto the clouds. Upon the cloud he sets the seal of his truth, the rainbow, which ratifies his covenant; in the cloud he hides his rain and snow, which prove his truth by bringing to us seedtime and harvest, cold and heat. Creation is great, but the Creator greater far. Heaven cannot contain him; above clouds and stars his goodness far exceeds.



Verse 10-11. A hard and ungrateful heart beholds even in prosperity only isolated drops of divine grace; but a grateful one like David's, though chased by persecutors, and striking the harp in the gloom of a cave, looks upon the mercy and faithfulness of God as a mighty ocean, waving and heaving from the earth to the clouds, and from the clouds to the earth again. Agustus F. Tholuck.



Verse 10. The mercy of God reaches to the heavens.

  1. As a throne. God is exalted in our eyes by his
  2. As a ladder. By mercy we ascend from earth to
  3. As a rainbow. Present and past mercies argue
    exemption for the saints from the wrath of heaven.
  4. As a mountain. Its base is on the earth though its
    summit is lost in clouds. The influence of the cross
    towers to the heaven of heavens. Who can tell the
    glory of the summit of this mountain, whose base
    is refulgent with glory! R. A. G.

Verse 10. The amazing greatness of mercy.

  1. It is not said merely that it is high as heaven, but
    great unto the heavens. It is high as the
    heavens, overtopping the greatest sin, and highest
    thought of man.
  2. It is wide as the far reaching sky, compassing
    men of all ages, countries, classes, etc.
  3. It is deep. Everything of God is proportionate;
    this, therefore, is deep in abiding foundation, and
    infinite wisdom.