Psalm 61:3



Verse 3. For thou hast been a shelter for me. Observe how the psalmist rings the changes on, Thou hast, and I will, -- Psalms 61:3-6 . Experience is the nurse of faith. From the past we gather arguments for present confidence. Many and many a time had the persecutions of Saul and the perils of battle imperilled David's life, and only by miracle had he escaped, yet was he still alive and unhurt; this he remembers, and he is full of hope.

And a strong tower from the enemy. As in a fort impregnable, David had dwelt, because surrounded by omnipotence. Sweet is it beyond expression to remember the lovingkindnesses of the Lord in our former days, for he is unchangeable, and therefore will continue to guard us from all evil.



  1. How would he pray? I will cry unto thee.
  2. Where would he pray? From the ends of the earth.
  3. When would he pray? When my heart is overwhelmed.
  4. For what would he pray? Lead me to the rock that is higher than
  5. Whence does he derive his encouragement to pray? For thou hast been, etc. ( Psalms 61:3 ) William Jay.

Verse 3. A shelter from the rain of trouble, the storm of persecution, the floods of Satanic temptation, the heat of divine wrath, the blast of death. The ark, Lot's mountain, the blood stained door in Egypt, the city of refuge, the cave Adullam. A strong tower: lasting in itself, impregnable against foes, secure for the occupant.