Psalm 64:2



Verse 2. Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked. From their hidden snares hide me. Circumvent their counsel; let their secrets be met by thy secret providence, their counsels of malice by thy counsels of love.

From the insurrection of the workers of iniquity. When their secret counsels break forth into clamorous tumults, be thou still my preserver. When they think evil, let thy divine thoughts defeat them; and when they do evil, let thy powerful justice overthrow them: in both cases, let me be out of reach of their cruel hand, and even out of sight of their evil eye. It is a good thing to conquer malicious foes, but a better thing still to be screened from all conflict with them, by being hidden from the strife. The Lord knows how to give his people peace, and when he wills to make quiet, he is more than a match for all disturbers, and can defeat alike their deep laid plots and their overt hostilities.






Verse 2. (first clause). Applied to Satan.

  1. The danger considered.
    1. The enemy, wicked, mighty, malicious, experienced.
    2. His counsel. He tempts cunningly, and with deliberation.
    3. The secrecy of it. He may be exciting others against me, or sowing evil in myself.
    4. The deliverance implored. Hide me.
    5. Keep me from being tempted.
    6. Keep me from evil when tempted.
    7. Bring me out of it all unharmed.
    8. Meanwhile, let me be in thy secret place.
    9. The consolation of faith.
    10. God does preserve praying ones.
    11. Our enemy is his enemy.
    12. He has preserved us.
    13. We are his own.
    14. His honour is involved.