Psalm 64:9



Verse 9. And all men shall fear. They shall be filled with awe by the just judgments of God, as the Canaanites were by the overthrow of Pharaoh at the Red Sea. Those who might have been bold in sin shall be made to tremble and to stand in awe of the righteous Judge.

And shall declare the work of God. It shall become the subject of general conversation. So strange, so pointed, so terrible shall be the Lord's overthrow of the malicious, that it shall be spoken of in all companies. They sinned secretly, but their punishment shall be wrought before the face of the sun.

For they shall wisely consider of his doing. The judgments of God are frequently so clear and manifest that men cannot misread them, and if they have any thought at all, they must extract the true teaching from them. Some of the divine judgments are a great deep, but in the case of malicious persecutors the matter is plain enough, and the most illiterate can understand.






Verse 9.

  1. The subject for consideration -- Judgments upon
    the wicked.
    1. As Judgments.
    2. As judgments from God -- that work of God -- his doing.
    3. The consideration of the subject.
    4. They are intended to be considered by others.
    5. They are to be considered wisely.
    6. The effect of this consideration.
    7. Fear of God.
    8. Praise to God; shall declare, etc. G. R.

Verse 9-10.

  1. An act of God; something of his doing.
  2. Its effect upon men in general: All men shall
    fear, and shall declare, etc.
  3. A special duty resulting from it, incumbent on good
    men: The righteous, etc. H. Dove.