Psalm 66:15



Verse 15. I will offer unto thee burnt sacrifices of fatlings. The good man will give his best things to God. No starveling goat upon the hills will he present at the altar, but the well fed bullocks of the luxuriant pastures shall ascend in smoke from the sacred fire. He who is miserly with God is a wretch indeed. Few devise liberal things, but those few find a rich reward in so doing.

With the incense of rams. The smoke of burning rams should also rise from the altar; he would offer the strength and prime of his flocks as well as his herds. Of all we have we should give the Lord his portion, and that should be the choicest we can select. It was no waste to burn the fat upon Jehovah's altar, nor to pour the precious ointment upon Jesus' head; neither are large gifts and bountiful offerings to the church of God any diminution to a man's estate: such money is put to good interest and placed where it cannot be stolen by thieves nor corroded by rust.

I will offer bullocks with goats. A perfect sacrifice, completing the circle of offerings, should show forth the intense love of his heart. We should magnify the Lord with the great and the little. None of his ordinances should be disregarded; we must not omit either the bullocks or the goats. In these three verses we have gratitude in action, not content with words, but proving its own sincerity by deeds of obedient sacrifice.

Selah. It is most fit that we should suspend the song while the smoke of the victims ascends the heavens; let the burnt offerings stand for praises while we meditate upon the infinitely greater sacrifice of Calvary.



Verse 13,15. See Psalms on "Psalms 66:13" for further information.

Verse 13-15. See Psalms on "Psalms 66:13" for further information.

Verse 15. I will offer, etc. Thou shalt have the best of the herd and of the fold. Adam Clarke.

Verse 15. Fatlings. For as I will not come empty into thy house, so I will not bring thee a niggardly present; but offer sacrifices of all sorts, and the best and choicest in every kind. Symon Patrick.

Verse 15. Bullocks with goats. That is, I will liberally provide for every part of the service at the tabernacle. Thomas Scott.



Verse 13-15.

  1. Resolutions made ( Psalms 66:13 ).
    1. What? To offer praise.
    2. Why? For deliverance.
    3. Where? In thy house.
    4. Resolutions uttered ( Psalms 66:14 ).
    5. To God.
    6. Before men.
    7. Resolutions fulfilled.
    8. In public acknowledgment.
    9. In heartfelt gratitude.
    10. In more frequent attendance at the house of God.
    11. The renewed self dedication.
    12. In increased liberality. G. R.