Psalm 71:23



Here is the final vow of praise.

Verse 23. My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing unto thee. It shall be no weariness to me to praise thee. It shall be a delightful recreation, a solace, a joy. The essence of song lies in the holy joy of the singer.

And my soul, which thou hast redeemed. Soul singing is the soul of singing. Till men are redeemed, they are like instruments out of tune; but when once the precious blood has set them at liberty, then are they fitted to magnify the Lord who bought them. Our being bought with a price is a more than sufficient reason for our dedicating ourselves to the earnest worship of God our Saviour.



Verse 23. My lips; my soul. Hypocrites praise God with the lips only; but David joins the soul to the lips. William Nicholson.

Verse 23. Greatly. See how the word great is repeated. Great things done, Psalms 71:19 ; great troubles shown, Psalms 71:20 ; greatness increased, Psalms 71:21 ; and great rejoicing consequent thereon, in Psalms 71:23 . In a great God, doing great things, it is meet greatly to rejoice. C. H. S.



Verse 22-23.

  1. The soul of music: Not in the instrument or the voice,
    but in the soul. "I will sing with the understanding
    also." "Making melody in the heart," etc.
  2. The music of the soul. The soul which thou hast
    redeemed. Redemption is the music of souls once lost.
    Their only song in heaven.