Psalm 78:21



Verse 21. Therefore the Lord heard this, and was wroth. He was not indifferent to what they said. He dwelt among them in the holy place, and, therefore, they insulted him to his face. He did not hear a report of it, but the language itself came into his ears.

So a fire was kindled against Jacob. The fire of his anger which was also attended with literal burnings.

And anger also came up against Israel. Whether he viewed them in the lower or higher light, as Jacob or as Israel, he was angry with them: even as mere men they ought to have believed him; and as chosen tribes, their wicked unbelief was without excuse. The Lord doeth well to be angry at so ungrateful, gratuitous and dastardly an insult as the questioning of his power.






Verse 17-21.

  1. They tempted God's patience; Psalms 78:17.
  2. They tempted God's wisdom; Psalms 78:18.
  3. They tempted God's power; Psalms 78:19-20.
  4. They tempted God's wrath; Psalms 78:21 . E. G. Gange, of Bristol.

Verse 18-21. The progress of evil.

  1. They are drawn away by their lust: Psalms 78:18.
  2. Lust having conceived bringeth forth sin: Psalms 78:19-20.
  3. Sin being finished bringeth forth death: Psalms 78:21.
    "Their carcases fell." C. D.

Verse 21-22. Evil consequences of unbelief.

  1. The sin itself: they doubted the ultimate certainty,
    completeness, and reality of God's salvation from
  2. The aggravation of it: the object of it was God; they
    who entertained it were God's people: The aids to
    faith were overlooked: "though."
  3. What it led them to; inward sin -- Psalms 78:18 ; outward
    sin -- Psalms 78:19 , etc.
  4. What it brought upon them; Psalms 78:21 . Fiery
    serpents, etc. C. D.