Psalm 78:7



Verse 7. That they might set their hope in God. Faith cometh by hearing. Those who know the name of the Lord will set their hope in him, and that they may be led to do so is the main end of all spiritual teaching.

And not forget the works of God. Grace cures bad memories; those who soon forget the merciful works of the Lord have need of teaching; they require to learn the divine art of holy memory.

But keep his commandments. Those who forget God's works are sure to fail in their own. He who does not keep God's love in memory is not likely to remember his law. The design of teaching is practical; holiness towards God is the end we aim at, and not the filling of the head with speculative notions.



Verse 7. Set their hope in God. Their hope was to be set not in the law which punishes, but in grace freely given which redeems; therefore is it added and not forget the works of God. Johannes De Turrecremata. 1476.



Verse 5-8. Family religion.

  1. The fathers' knowledge the children's heritage --
    Psalms 78:5-6.
  2. The fathers' fall the children's preservation --
    Psalms 78:7-8 .

Verse 5-8.

  1. Truth once started can never be arrested --
    Psalms 78:5-6.
  2. Truth received binds the soul to God -- Psalms 78:7.
  3. Truth rejected lights up beacons for others --
    Psalms 78:8 .

Verse 7. Practical philosophy.

  1. Fix your hope wisely.
  2. Store the memory richly.
  3. So shall you guide the actions obediently.

Verse 7-8. On the deceitfulness of the heart, in disregarding providential dispensations in general. John Jamieson's "Sermons on the Heart,"

  1. 430.