Psalm 94:14



Verse 14. For the LORD will not cast off his people. He may cast them down, but he never can cast them off. During fierce persecutions the saints have been apt to think that the Lord had left his own sheep, and given them over to the wolf; but it has never been so, nor shall it ever be, for the Lord will not withdraw his love, neither will he forsake his inheritance. For a time he may leave his own with the design of benefiting them thereby, yet never can he utterly desert them.

"He may chasten and correct,
But he never can neglect;
May in faithfulness reprove,
But he never can cease to love."



Verse 14.

  1. Fear implied. That God will cast off, forsake, etc.
  2. Fear denied. God will not cast off -- will not forsake. G. R.

Verse 14.

  1. Display his bright doctrine on a dark background. What if the converse were true? Considerations that might lead us to apprehend it true.
  2. Joyfully regard the glowing truth itself. The doctrine declared. The reasons hinted (His people. His inheritance). The confidence expressed. C.A.D.