Psalm 94:5



Verse 5. They break in pieces thy people, O LORD, grinding them with oppression, crushing them with contempt. Yet the men they break in pieces are God's own people, and they are persecuted because they are so; this is a strong plea for the divine interposition.

And afflict thine heritage, causing them sorrowful humiliation and deep depression of heart. The term, "thine heritage," marks out the election of the saints, God's peculiar interest and delight in them, his covenant relation, of long standing, to them and their fathers; this also is a storehouse of arguments with their faithful God. Will he not defend his own? Will a man lose his inheritance, or permit it to be contemptuously despoiled? Those who are ground down, and trampled on, are not strangers, but the choice and chosen ones of the Lord; how long will he leave them to be a prey to cruel foes



Verse 5. They break in pieces thy people. They tread down; they grind; they crush. The Hebrew word is often used as meaning to crush under foot; to trample on; and hence it means to oppress. Lamentations 3:34 , Isaiah 3:15 . Albert Barnes.



Verse 5-10.

  1. High handed oppression by the wicked ( Psalms 94:5-6 ).
  2. Hard hearted indifference to Divine supervision ( Psalms 94:7 ).
  3. Clear headed demonstration of the Divine cognisance and vengeance (Ps 94:8-10). C.A.D.