Psalm 99:2



Verse 2. The Lord is great in Zion. Of old the temple's sacred hill was the centre of the worship of the great King, and the place where his grandeur was most clearly beheld: his church is now his favoured palace, where his greatness is displayed, acknowledged, and adored. He there unveils his attributes and commands the lowliest homage; the ignorant forget him, the wicked despise him, the atheistical oppose him, but among his own chosen he is great beyond comparison. He is great in the esteem of the gracious, great in his acts of mercy, and really great in himself: great in mercy, power, wisdom, justice, and glory.

And he is high above all the people; towering above their highest thoughts and loftiest conceptions. The highest are not high to him, yet, blessed be his name, the lowliest are not despised by him. In such a God we rejoice, his greatness and loftiness are exceedingly delightful in our esteem; the more he is honoured and exalted in the hearts of men, the more exultant are his people. If Israel delighted in Saul because he was head and shoulders above the people, how much more should we exult in our God and King, Who is as high above us as the heavens are above the earth.



Verse 2. He is high above all the people. The metaphor is taken from such great objects as trees, animals, palaces, towers, which are the more valued, and are regarded as possessing the greater strength, the higher they rise above others. So Deuteronomy 1:28 2:10,21 9:2, Concerning the Canaanites and the giants. Martin Geier.



Verse 2.

  1. God is great in Zion in Himself, all his perfections are here, which cannot be said of creation, or of his Law, or of the heaven of angels.
  2. Great in his works of saving sinners, which he cannot do elsewhere.
  3. Great in his glory as displayed in redemption through his Son.
  4. Great in his love to his redeemed. G. R.

Verse 2. The Lord is great in Zion.

  1. In the condescension he displays -- Zion is his "habitation," his "rest."
  2. In the glory he manifests -- power and glory are in the sanctuary, Psalms 68:2 .
  3. In the assemblage he draws. "Every one in Zion appeareth before God," Ps 84:7.
  4. In the blessings he imparts.
  5. In the authority he exerts. W. Jackson.