1 Chronicles 14:15

Overview - 1 Chronicles 14
Hiram's kindness to David.
David's felicity in people, wives, and children.
His two victories against the Philistines.
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1 Chronicles 14:15  (King James Version)
And it shall be, when thou shalt hear a sound of going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shalt go out to battle: for God is gone forth before thee to smite the host of the Philistines.

when thou shalt hear
Some, taking the word {becham,} translated "mulberry trees," as a proper name, render, "when thou shalt hear a sound of going upon the summits of Becham;" other understanding {rosh,} "a top," in the sense of beginning or entrance, read,
"when thou hearest a sound of footsteps at the entrance of the
grove of mulberry trees;" and others think a rustling among the leaves is intended. The Targumist read, "When thou shalt hear the sound of the angels coming to thy assistance, then go out to battle; for an angel is sent from the presence of God, that he may render thy way prosperous." If there had not been an evident supernatural interference, David might have thought that the {ruse de guerre} which he had used, was the cause of his victory. Leviticus 26:36 ; 2 Kings 7:6 ; 19:7 Acts 2:2

then thou
Judges 4:14 ; Judges 7:9 Judges 7:15 1 Samuel 14:9-22 ; Philippians 2:12 Philippians 2:13

for God
Isaiah 13:4 ; Isaiah 45:1 Isaiah 45:2 Micah 2:12 Micah 2:13