1 Chronicles 2:23

Overview - 1 Chronicles 2
The sons of Israel.
The posterity of Judah by Tamar.
13 The children of Jesse.
18 The posterity of Caleb the son of Hezron.
21 Hezron's posterity by the daughter of Machir.
25 Jerahmeel's posterity.
34 Sheshan's posterity.
42 Another branch of Caleb's posterity.
50 The posterity of Caleb the son of Hur.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Chronicles 2:23  (King James Version)
And he took Geshur, and Aram, with the towns of Jair, from them, with Kenath, and the towns thereof, even threescore cities. All these belonged to the sons of Machir the father of Gilead.

Joshua 13:13 ; 2 Samuel 13:38

Kenath was situated in the tribe of Manasseh, east of Jordan. Eusebius says it was called in his time [Kanatha,] Kanatha; and was a town in the Trachonitis, near Bozra. Josephus places it in Coelo-syria; and Pliny reckons it among the cities of the Decapolis. It was also called Nobah, after Nobah an Israelite, who conquered it, ( Numbers 32:42 ;)which is placed by Eusebius, eight miles south of Heshbon: See Note on Judges 8:11 .