1 Chronicles 24:6

Overview - 1 Chronicles 24
The division of the sons of Aaron by lot into four and twenty orders.
20 The Kohathites,
26 and the Merarites, divided by lot.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Chronicles 24:6  (King James Version)
And Shemaiah the son of Nethaneel the scribe, one of the Levites, wrote them before the king, and the princes, and Zadok the priest, and Ahimelech the son of Abiathar, and before the chief of the fathers of the priests and Levites: one principal household being taken for Eleazar, and one taken for Ithamar.

the scribe
1 Kings 4:3 ; 2 Chronicles 34:13 ; Ezra 7:6 ; Nehemiah 8:1 ; Matthew 8:19 ; 13:52 Matthew 23:1 Matthew 23:2

principal household
Hebrew house of the father.