1 Chronicles 6:28

Overview - 1 Chronicles 6
The sons of Levi.
The line of Eleazar unto the captivity.
16 The families of Gershom, Kohath, and Merari.
49 The office of Aaron, and his line unto Ahimaaz.
54 The cities of the priests and Levites.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Chronicles 6:28  (King James Version)
And the sons of Samuel; the firstborn Vashni, and Abiah.

. It appears that the Joel is here lost out of the text; and that {washni,} which signifies "and the second," and which refers to Abiah, is made into a proper name. The Syriac and Arabic read as in Samuel. The marginal references contain the variation in the names given to the same persons, in different parts of sacred history, as far as it can be ascertained; and nearly the whole, that is at present known concerning them, may be learned by consulting them.
33 ; 1 Samuel 8:2