1 Kings 12:32

Overview - 1 Kings 12
The Israelites, assembled at Shechem to crown Rehoboam, by Jeroboam make a suit of relaxation unto him.
Rehoboam, refusing the old men's counsel, answers them roughly.
16 Ten tribes revolting, kill Adoram, and make Rehoboam flee.
21 Rehoboam, raising an army, is forbidden by Shemaiah.
25 Jeroboam strengthens himself by cities;
26 and by the idolatry of the two calves.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Kings 12:32  (King James Version)
And Jeroboam ordained a feast in the eighth month, on the fifteenth day of the month, like unto the feast that is in Judah, and he offered upon the altar. So did he in Bethel, sacrificing unto the calves that he had made: and he placed in Bethel the priests of the high places which he had made.

like unto
1 Kings 8:2 1 Kings 8:5 Leviticus 23:33 Leviticus 23:34-44 ; Numbers 29:12-40 ; Ezekiel 43:8 ; Matthew 15:8 Matthew 15:9

offered upon the altar
or, went up to the altar.
or, to sacrifice. he placed.
Amos 7:10-13