1 Kings 18:33

Overview - 1 Kings 18
In the extremity of famine Elijah, sent to Ahab, meets good Obadiah.
Obadiah brings Ahab to Elijah.
17 Elijah, reproving Ahab, by fire from heaven convinces Baal's prophets.
41 Elijah, by prayer obtaining rain, follows Ahab to Jezreel.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Kings 18:33  (King James Version)
And he put the wood in order, and cut the bullock in pieces, and laid him on the wood, and said, Fill four barrels with water, and pour it on the burnt sacrifice, and on the wood.

he put
Genesis 22:9 ; Leviticus 1:6-8

Fill four
Daniel 3:19 Daniel 3:25 ; John 11:39 John 11:40 ; John 19:33 John 19:34

pour it
Judges 6:20