1 Kings 2:31

Overview - 1 Kings 2
David, having given a charge to Solomon,
of religiousness;
of Joab;
of Barzillai;
of Shimei;
10 dies.
12 Solomon succeeds.
13 Adonijah, moving Bath-sheba to sue unto Solomon for Abishag, is put to death.
26 Abiathar, having his life given him, is deprived of the priesthood.
28 Joab fleeing to the horns of the altar, is there slain.
35 Benaiah is put in Joab's room, and Zadok in Abiathar's.
36 Shimei, confined to Jerusalem, by occasion of going thence to Gath, is put to death.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Kings 2:31  (King James Version)
And the king said unto him, Do as he hath said, and fall upon him, and bury him; that thou mayest take away the innocent blood, which Joab shed, from me, and from the house of my father.

Exodus 21:14

that thou
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and from
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