1 Kings 20:32

Overview - 1 Kings 20
Ben-hadad, not content with Ahab's homage, besieges Samaria.
13 By the direction of a prophet, the Syrians are slain.
22 As the prophet forewarned Ahab, the Syrians, trusting in the valleys, come against him in Aphek.
28 By the word of the prophet, and God's judgment, the Syrians are smitten again.
31 The Syrians submitting themselves, Ahab sends Ben-hadad away with a covenant.
35 The prophet, under the parable of a prisoner, making Ahab judge himself, denounces God's judgment against him.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Kings 20:32  (King James Version)
So they girded sackcloth on their loins, and put ropes on their heads, and came to the king of Israel, and said, Thy servant Benhadad saith, I pray thee, let me live. And he said, Is he yet alive? he is my brother.

Thy servant
3-6 ; Job 12:17 Job 12:18 ; Job 40:11 Job 40:12 Isaiah 2:11 Isaiah 2:12 ; 10:12 Daniel 5:20-23 ; Obadiah 1:3 Obadiah 1:4

he is my brother
42 ; 1 Samuel 15:8-20