1 Samuel 14:41

Overview - 1 Samuel 14
Jonathan goes and miraculously smites the Philistine's garrison.
15 A divine terror makes them beat themselves.
17 Saul, not staying the priest's answer, sets on them.
21 The captivated Hebrews, and the hidden Israelites, join against them.
24 Saul's unadvised adjuration hinders the victory.
31 He restrains the people from eating blood.
35 He builds an altar.
37 Jonathan, taken by lot, is save by the people.
47 Saul's victories, strength, and family.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Samuel 14:41  (King James Version)
Therefore Saul said unto the LORD God of Israel, Give a perfect lot. And Saul and Jonathan were taken: but the people escaped.

Both the Septuagint and Vulgate add much to this verse: [Kai eipe Saoul, Kyrie Lo Theos Israel, ti Loti ouk apekrithes to doulo sou semeron? ei en emoi e en lonathan to Luio mou he adikia, Kyrie ho Theos Israel dos delous kai ean tade eipe, dos de to lao sou Israel, dos de osioteta, k
t.l.] {Et dixit Saul ad Dominum Deum Israel; Domine Deus Israel da indicium: quid est qud non responderis servo tuo hodie? Si in me, aut in Jonatha filio meo est iniquitas hc, da ostensionem: aut si hc iniquitas est in populo tuo, da sanctitatem, etc.} "And Saul said [to the Lord God of Israel, Vulg.] Lord God of
Israel [give a sign, Vulg.] Why is it that thou has not answered thy servant to-day? If the iniquity be in me, or in my son Jonathan, [O Lord God of Israel, LXX.] make it manifest; and if thou say thus, give to thy people Israel, give mercy," etc, [but Vulg. Or, if this iniquity be in thy people, give sanctification," etc.]

Give a perfect lot
or, Shew the innocent.
Proverbs 16:33 ; Acts 1:24

And Saul
1 Samuel 10:20 1 Samuel 10:21 Joshua 7:16-18 ; Jonah 1:7

Hebrew went forth.