1 Samuel 20:12

Overview - 1 Samuel 20
David consults with Jonathan for his safety.
11 Jonathan and David renew their covenant by oath.
18 Jonathan's token to David.
24 Saul, missing David, seeks to kill Jonathan.
35 Jonathan affectionately takes his leave of David.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Samuel 20:12  (King James Version)
And Jonathan said unto David, O LORD God of Israel, when I have sounded my father about to morrow any time, or the third day, and, behold, if there be good toward David, and I then send not unto thee, and shew it thee;

O Lord
This verse is evidently deficient
The LXX. have [kyrios ho Theos Israel oiden,] "The Lord God of Israel doth know;" the Syraic and Arabic, "The Lord God of Israel is witness;" either of which makes good sense
But two of Dr. Kennicott's MSS. supply the word {chai,} "liveth;" and the text reads thus: "As the Lord God of Israel liveth, when I have sounded my
father,--if there be good unto David, and I then send not unto thee," etc; which is a still better sense.
Joshua 22:22 ; Job 31:4 ; Psalms 17:3 ; 139:1-4

Hebrew searched.
Proverbs 20:5 ; Proverbs 25:2 Proverbs 25:3

shew it thee
Hebrew uncover thine ear.