1 Samuel 30:27

Overview - 1 Samuel 30
The Amalekites spoil Ziklag.
David asking counsel, is encouraged by God to pursue them.
11 By the means of a revived Egyptian he is brought to the enemies, and recovers all the spoil.
22 David's law to divide the spoil equally between them that fight and them that keep the stuff.
26 He sends presents to his friends.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Samuel 30:27  (King James Version)
To them which were in Bethel, and to them which were in south Ramoth, and to them which were in Jattir,

Probably not the celebrated city of this name, but Bethul a city of Simeon, ( Joshua 19:4, ,)supposed to be the same as Bethelia, mentioned by Sozomen as belonging to Gaza, well peopled, and having several temples remarkable for their structure and antiquity; and which Jerome says, in his life of Hilarion, was five short days' journey from Pelusium.
Genesis 28:19 ; Joshua 16:2 ; Judges 1:22 Judges 1:23 ; 1 Kings 12:29

south Ramoth
A city of Simeon; so called to distinguish it from Ramoth Gilead beyond Jordan.
Joshua 19:8

Joshua 15:48 ; 21:14