1 Samuel 4:12

Overview - 1 Samuel 4
The Israelites are overcome by the Philistines at Ebenezer.
They fetch the ark unto the terror of the Philistines.
10 They are smitten again, the ark taken, and Hophni and Phinehas are slain.
12 Eli at the news, falling backward, breaks his neck.
19 Phinehas's wife, discouraged in her travail with I-chabod, dies.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Samuel 4:12  (King James Version)
And there ran a man of Benjamin out of the army, and came to Shiloh the same day with his clothes rent, and with earth upon his head.

with his clothes rent
These, as we have already remarked, were the general signs of sorrow and distress.
2 Samuel 1:2

with earth
Joshua 7:6 ; 2 Samuel 13:19 ; 15:32 Nehemiah 9:1 ; Job 2:12