2 Chronicles 12:3

Overview - 2 Chronicles 12
Rehoboam, forsaking the Lord, is punished by Shishak.
He and the princes, repenting at the preaching of Shemaiah, are delivered from destruction, but not from spoil.
13 The reign and death of Rehoboam.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Chronicles 12:3  (King James Version)
With twelve hundred chariots, and threescore thousand horsemen: and the people were without number that came with him out of Egypt; the Lubims, the Sukkiims, and the Ethiopians.

twelve hundred
Judges 4:13 ; 1 Samuel 13:5 ; 2 Samuel 10:18

without number
14:9 Judges 6:5 ; Revelation 9:16

Lubim, apparently the same with Lehabim ( Genesis 10:13, ,)were probably the ancient inhabitants of Lybia, (called Lubi in the Syriac version, Acts 2:10, ,)a district of Africa, adjoining to Egypt, and extending along the shore of the Mediterranean as far as the city of Cyrene.
16:8 Ezekiel 30:5 ; Nahum 3:9

the Sukkiims
The Sukkiim, (from {sachach,} "to cover,") are supposed to have been the Troglodites, as the LXX. and Vulgate render, a people of Egypt, on the west of the Red Sea, so called because they dwelt [en troglais,] in caves.

These Cushim were probably the inhabitants of Ethiopia, south of Egypt.
14:12 16:8 Isaiah 43:3 ; Daniel 11:43 ; Nahum 3:9

Genesis 10:6-8