2 Chronicles 24:6

Overview - 2 Chronicles 24
Joash reigns well all the days of Jehoiada.
He gives order for the repair of the temple.
15 Jehoiada's death and honourable burial.
17 Joash, falling into idolatry, slays Zechariah the son of Jehoiada.
23 Joash is spoiled by the Syrians, and slain by Zabad and Jehozabad.
27 Amaziah succeeds him.
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2 Chronicles 24:6  (King James Version)
And the king called for Jehoiada the chief, and said unto him, Why hast thou not required of the Levites to bring in out of Judah and out of Jerusalem the collection, according to the commandment of Moses the servant of the LORD, and of the congregation of Israel, for the tabernacle of witness?

Why hast thou
2 Samuel 24:3

the collection
This was the poll-tax fixed by Moses, of half a shekel, which was levied on every man of twenty years old and upwards, as "a ransom for their souls, that there might be no plague among them."
Exodus 30:12-16

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