2 Chronicles 31:15

Overview - 2 Chronicles 31
The people is forward in destroying idolatry.
Hezekiah orders the courses of the priests and Levites, and provides for their work and maintenance.
The people's forwardness in offerings and tithes.
11 Hezekiah appoints officers to dispose of the tithes.
20 The sincerity of Hezekiah.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Chronicles 31:15  (King James Version)
And next him were Eden, and Miniamin, and Jeshua, and Shemaiah, Amariah, and Shecaniah, in the cities of the priests, in their set office, to give to their brethren by courses, as well to the great as to the small:

next him
Hebrew at his hand.
13 *marg:

Instead of {Miniamin,} Benjamin is the reading of three MSS., and of the Syriac, Arabic, LXX
, and Vulgate.

the cities
Joshua 21:9-19 ; 1 Chronicles 6:54-60

set office
or, trust.
1 Chronicles 9:22 ; *marg:

as well
1 Chronicles 25:8