2 Chronicles 35:7

Overview - 2 Chronicles 35
Josiah keeps a most solemn passover.
20 He provoking Pharaoh-necho, is slain at Megiddo.
25 Lamentations for Josiah.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Chronicles 35:7  (King James Version)
And Josiah gave to the people, of the flock, lambs and kids, all for the passover offerings, for all that were present, to the number of thirty thousand, and three thousand bullocks: these were of the king's substance.

7:8-10 30:24 Isaiah 32:8 ; Ezekiel 45:17

Hebrew offered.
1 Kings 8:63

thirty thousand
According to the calculation, that not fewer than ten, nor more than twenty persons, were to join for one kid or lamb, the numbers given on this occasion would suffice for above 2 Chronicles 35:400 2 Chronicles 35:000 ; persons.

the king's substance
1 Kings 8:63 ; 1 Chronicles 29:3