2 Kings 15:19

Overview - 2 Kings 15
Azariah's good reign.
He dying a leper, Jotham succeeds.
Zachariah the last of Jehu's generation, reigning ill, is slain by Shallum.
13 Shallum, reigning a month, is slain by Menahem.
16 Menahem strengthens himself by Pul.
21 Pekahiah succeeds him.
23 Pekahiah is slain by Pekah.
27 Pekah is oppressed by Tiglath-pileser, and slain by Hoshea.
32 Jotham's good reign.
36 Ahaz succeeds him.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Kings 15:19  (King James Version)
And Pul the king of Assyria came against the land: and Menahem gave Pul a thousand talents of silver, that his hand might be with him to confirm the kingdom in his hand.

M. 3233. B.C. 771. Pul.
Prideaux supposes that this Pul was the father of the famous Sardanapalus, who was called Sardan with his father's name Pul annexed, as was frequent in those times, making Sardanpul: thus Merodach, king of Babylon, was Merodach-Baladan, because he was the son Baladan. This Pul began to reign according to Usher, A
M. 3237, the fifth year of Menahem; and he is supposed to be the same that reigned in Nineveh, when Jonah preached in that city.
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to confirm
14:5 Jeremiah 17:5