2 Kings 3:9

Overview - 2 Kings 3
Jehoram's reign.
Mesha rebels.
Jehoram, with Jehoshaphat, and the king of Edom, being distressed for want of water, by Elisha obtains water, and promise of victory.
21 The Moabites, deceived by the colour of the water, coming to spoil, are overcome.
26 The king of Moab, failing in his attempt to break through to the king of Edom, sacrifices his son, and raises the siege.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Kings 3:9  (King James Version)
So the king of Israel went, and the king of Judah, and the king of Edom: and they fetched a compass of seven days' journey: and there was no water for the host, and for the cattle that followed them.

1 Kings 22:27

no water
Exodus 15:22 ; 17:1 Numbers 20:2 Numbers 20:4 ; 21:5 33:14

that followed them
Hebrew at their feet.
Exodus 11:8 ; *marg:
Judges 4:10