2 Samuel 2:31

Overview - 2 Samuel 2
David, by God's direction, with his company goes up to Hebron, where he is made king of Judah.
He commends them of Jabesh-gilead for their kindness to Saul.
Abner makes Ishbosheth king of Israel.
12 A mortal skirmish between twelve of Abner's and twelve of Joab's men.
18 Asahel is slain.
25 At Abner's motion, Joab sounds a retreat.
32 Asahel's burial.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Samuel 2:31  (King James Version)
But the servants of David had smitten of Benjamin, and of Abner's men, so that three hundred and threescore men died.

three hundred
The slain of Israel, though greatly exceeding those of Judah, were not great. This might be owing to the directions given by David, to be as lenient as possible; but the death of Asahel seems to have stopped the pursuers, and greatly favoured the escape of the vanquished.
3:1 1 Kings 20:11